Care Instructions

How to Clean, Care For, and Protect Your Xinh Bag

Leather Care

All of Xinh Boutique’s products are designed to be both fashionable and functional. And since all of them are handcrafted locally in Vietnam, they may have some slight imperfections which we think only adds to the uniqueness of each bag. 

Xinh Boutique handbags and accessories are made with leather that has been imported from Italy. It is “vegetable tanned” meaning there are no chemicals or paints used in our tanning process.

As with all genuine leather, your Xinh leather handbag will soften and the color will change slightly over time. You can expect to see minor scuffs and/or spots with wear. Most people prefer the “lived in” look that leather gets over time as the leather becomes even softer. We recommend using a leather conditioner and natural oil to keep your bag supple and polished. 

If you need to clean your bag you can use a damp cloth and a moisturizing soap. 

Textile Care

Please note that many of our Xinh textiles are upcycled, meaning that they originally had another use before being integrated into our line of handbags. So the fabric isn’t perfect. You may find that your bag has a loose thread or minor imperfections. This just means that someone loved the fabric before it made its way to you!

Some of our textiles are new but they are handmade by members of the Hmong Minority Group in Northern Sapa so again, they may have some slight imperfections. It is difficult to produce a perfect product without the use of a machine. We hope that you can appreciate the uniqueness in every piece!

To clean the textiles used in Xinh handbags and accessories, we would recommend spot cleaning with a mild soap and a damp cloth.